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hey wasteland, less dread!

we sleep in forest and wake to desert instead

Your disease is that incurable one!
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"I got to this blog by googling for 'delicious poo'."
- Anonymous
aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou, altaïr rocks the kat-haüs, astro-base go!, baphomet's tongue, boba fett, crappy horror movies, deserts, dragon ball z, durrgon ball z, durrgon bawl zeeeeeeeee!, empty rooms, faceless faces, fireflies at dusk, frantic hearts for quetzalcoatl, heavy danger, hellhounds, hi i'm pyramid head, huff that chronic everypony!, i never finish anythi, jackal gods, king stargher, kingdom before phylum, loki doki, lusting after vicious people, maximum gay, mesoamerican punks, misreading hieroglyphics, molotov jaguars, mythology, neptune is my squishy, netherlands, obsidian teeth, ocarina of time, orton hears a "wooo!", owen hart, phantom limb's phantom limbs, raziel's lower jaw, rinzler.dmg, romulan scum, ruining ~everything~ for ~everyone~, schrödinger's cat, seriousing the fuck up, shadow of the colossus, sheik's the man, silicon creatures, spelling it 'furiza', the desert colossus, the horror!, the internet avails me, thinking with portals, tragic crushes on deadpool, unnecessary gore, veidting the good veidt, weetch haus, xenophilia, yautja, zombies have shitty feng-shui, عذارى, अर्जुन, ハクメン